Welcome to Protego

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Association  for Protection and Development of Environment and Built Heritage – Protego

What is „Protego“?

Protego is civil society organization aimed to promote protection of architectural, cultural and natural heritage!



What do we want?

We would like to raise citizen’s awareness concerning environmental values and to encourage them to participate actively in the process of planning and development of our unique environment!



Because only organized and aware citizens have power to influence decision makers to act for the common well-being!


We link public and problems, require changes of regulations and plans using the legal procedures available to citizens and we encourage public participation in sustainable urban development.





Protego works on topics and react in cases of unsustainable urban development, corruption in managing of common resources as well in cases of exclusion of citizens from the process of planning and decision-making in Serbia.



To protect wetlands and the many species they support, it is not enough to only protect large expanses of marshlands, peat bogs, lakes and river valleys, coastal areas – we need to protect the small ponds and pools too. They are crucial for biodiversity and can also provide a whole range of ecosystem services.


We organized several public debates with the aim to promote the European values and practice.

 Emys-orbicularisWe are conducting a program of active conservation of European Pond Turtles in Voivodina.



We supported the initiative of a group of journalists to launch a e-newsletter.

 tribina02-tWe initiated public dialog related to possibilities and sustainable ways of the restoration of Lake Palic and Lake Ludas.EPCNWe are a member of the European Pond Conservation Network.



We collect geo-referenced field data and manage a database about natural and artificial small water bodies in Voivodina.

We collect data about plant and animal species for qualification of small water bodies in Serbia to the Emerald and NATURA 2000 network of protected areas.



We initiated a launching of the public participatory portal for mapping and monitoring biodiversity of Serbia –

BioRaS – portal